General conditions

General conditions


Cancelation conditions

If cancellation occurs, the following will be charged as a penalty:


More than 60 days before the date of entry · 0% of the total amount of the reservation
60 to 30 days before the date of entry · 50% of the amount of the reservation
30 days or less before the date of entry · 100% of the amount of the reservation
No show · 100% of the total stay


More than 30 day before the arrival day: 0% of the total amount.

30 day or less before the arrival day: 100% of the total amount of the reservation.

No show 100% of the total amount.
There will be no payments if the client voluntarily withdraws from the services before completing their stay.


In the event that, due to unforeseen causes and not attributable to the company, the accommodation cannot be occupied, the company will make another accommodation with equal or superior characteristics available to the client without reimbursement by any party.



The prices shown on the website are per accommodation and day, based on the indicated period.

In July and August, the minimum stay will be 7 nights with arrival and departure on Saturday.


You can make your reservation online or by phone. You will receive a written confirmation of it as soon as possible. Within 24 hours of said confirmation, you must pay a deposit of 30% of the total amount of the reservation. When making the first payment, the client declares at the same time that he has read and understood the general conditions of DENIASOL and that he accepts them. Once we have received this amount, we will confirm receipt of it.

The form of payment will be by bank transfer to the account indicated on the reservation confirmation. DENIASOL reserves the right to cancel the reservation, if after 24 hours from the confirmation the aforementioned 30% payment has not been received.

The remaining payments will be paid on the date indicated in the reservation.


Reception and office attention, breakdown maintenance, gardens and swimming pools during the stay, emergency service (9:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.), electricity, water, gas, (including normal consumption) sheets and towels (depending on the stay), cleaning and VAT.



Extra bed: €40/week

Baby cot: €30/ week

Baby chair: €20/week

Animals: €40/week (If they are allowed in the house)

Radiator: €20/week

Wi-fi: €40/ 15 Gigs



The key collection will be from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in our office, delivering the DNI or Passport of all the occupants of the accommodation upon presentation.

The departure time will be before 10.00 in the morning.

If you cannot keep to this schedule, you should contact DENIASOL to organize the delivery of the keys. If DENIASOL is not notified, the client will bear the additional expenses that could be caused by the non-compliance with the schedule (such as, for example, overnight stays in a hotel, transportation costs, etc.) without the client having any right to make claims for said reason. If you cannot occupy the accommodation during the day of arrival or at the time of delivery of the keys due to any difficulty during the trip or for personal reasons, as well as if you shorten your stay, DENIASOL will not make any refund.

yes vd If you wish to extend your stay, you must request it at our office as soon as possible.


At the reception of the accommodation, a deposit of €200 will be delivered. The deposit will be returned in full, as long as no damage is caused to the accommodation.

The company reserves the right to modify the deposit requested, depending on the rented villa or the tenants who will occupy it.


Requests for high floors, low floors, and other types of requests will be taken into consideration, but in no case is their granting guaranteed.


The occupation of the accommodation by a number of people greater than that established in the reservation will cause immediate expulsion without the right to reimbursement of the amount of the reservation.

The tenant/client has the obligation to leave the accommodation in good condition, collected and presentable. The elements inside and outside the accommodation, such as furniture, etc., must be placed in their original location (as at the time of entry), the crockery must be washed and stored in its place and the garbage must be removed to the container, and check that the appliances are off, air conditioning television, oven, etc. The lack of these requirements will allow Deniasol to make a charge for these concepts on the bond deposited.

The copy or reproduction of any of the keys of the accommodation is prohibited. Subleasing, in whole or in part, as well as the assignment of the leased property by the tenant is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this clause will be cause for termination of this contract.
The tenant must respect the neighbors and the Rules of the Community of owners to which the accommodation belongs. In case of negligence or inappropriate behavior, DENIASOL reserves the right to cancel the rental contract with immediate effect and without prior notice. In this case, DENIASOL will not have the obligation to return the rental amount paid by the client.
Before entering the house, any person over 16 years of age who enters a tourist accommodation is obliged to prove himself by means of a valid official document, whether national or foreign. Failure to comply with this regulation could entail a serious sanction (article 36.20) with a fine of between 601 and 30,000 euros or, in its minor case (article 37.9), with a fine of between 100 and 600 euros for the hotel establishment (Organic Law 4/2015, of 30 of March, Protection of Citizen Security). Deniasol will provide you with the necessary general information regarding the process of identification, check-in, accommodation and its surroundings.
The lessee assumes the responsibility of allowing access to the dwelling to the lessor, his representatives or any worker who has to carry out repairs inside it, and in order to verify that the conditions of the contract are diligently fulfilled by the lessee. .
It is forbidden to celebrate parties or events in the rented accommodation without the express written permission of the lessor.
Parties and events are understood as any type of meeting in which the number of people present exceeds twice the maximum number of people that can stay in the rented accommodation according to the rental agreement.
Playing or making music or making noise that can be heard outside the confines of the rental property is not permitted. In the event that a party or event is authorized, the music may be reproduced within the framework of the applicable legal regulations. The tenant is obliged to inform the neighbors, who may be affected by the noise, before the next event or party.
Although DENIASOL controls its accommodation before each change of tenant, it could happen that there is some damage to the home. In that case, you must notify our office immediately and no later than 24 hours after arrival. DENIASOL is not responsible for a subsequent claim when you have not made any complaint when occupying the accommodation, or during your stay.
Deniasol will repair in the shortest time possible any possible breakdown or malfunction of the essential domestic equipment for the comfort of the tenant. For the purposes of quantifying this type of damage, a maximum compensation of 10% of the amount per night paid is established, excluding cleaning and extras, for the non-use of air conditioning equipment or the refrigerator.

The client must go to the address indicated on the VOUCHER that will be provided at the time of confirming their reservation. The occupation of the accommodation will be from 5:00 p.m. The client must leave the apartment on the day of departure before 10:00 a.m. All accommodations request a guarantee or deposit upon arrival, to be deposited in cash.
When making the reservation, the client is responsible for the number of people who will occupy the apartment, without omitting children regardless of their age. If a higher number of people, including children, appear, playa-apartments declines all responsibility for possible admission to the apartments.
Deniasol assumes no responsibility for not being able to watch any of the television channels.
The outages generated by the companies supplying these elements, the lessor of the accommodation cannot be held responsible.
The use that is given to the accommodation will be convenient and reasonable. If extreme consumption is observed during the tenant's stay, this may be billed separately upon departure. (max.15kW/day)


When the reservation is for 7 days or less than 7 days, a change of towels will be made.
When the reservation is for more than 9 days, a change of sheets and towels and a cleaning review will be made throughout the stay.

When the reservation is for more than 14 days, the cleaning reviews and the changes of sheets and towels to be made after 14 days will be agreed with the client.
Towel changes will be made in the accommodation, but if for any reason it is not possible in the accommodation, the client can come to our offices with the towels to be changed and we will proceed to change them.

The accommodations that have these services require regular maintenance. The guest will have the obligation to give access to the maintenance staff of these. It is forbidden to use the garden and pool elements other than those for enjoyment.
Any dispute between Deniasol and client will be resolved in the courts where the property is located.

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